Bracy Construction | From Steel Plant to Performance Venue
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From Steel Plant to Performance Venue

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Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks is a new civic band shelter in the SteelStacks arts and cultural complex in Bethlehem, Pa., where long-defunct 22-story blast furnaces loom over the landscape. The pavilion’s canopy—about 100 feet long, 45 feet wide, and 40 feet tall—is shrouded in a galvanized, powder-coated wire mesh screen made from 240 panels in the McNichols Designer Metal series. “We looked at heavier steel plate products, but selected a lighter weight high-grade stainless that would resist pitting and rust,” said Ken Duerholz, VP of Boyle Construction (CM), Allentown, Pa. Other Building Team members: Wallace Roberts & Todd (architect), Simpson Gumpertz & Heger (SE), Bracy Contracting (GC), Lehigh Valley Engineering (MEP), and Levan Associates (steel fabricator).