Bracy Construction | Hanover Township
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Hanover Township

Administration & Public Works Buildings | Allentown, PA
Kimmel Bogrette Architecture
Size:  20,000 SF


Bracy is proud to have constructed the new Administration and Public Works buildings for Hanover Township.  The two buildings were built on the same site as the existing administration building.  The township was able to operate without one day of lost time while the site was developed and buildings were constructed.

The building has some very interesting features such as a solar array located on top of the Public Works building/garage.  These power the building they stand on as well as all of the site lighting.  Another environmentally friendly feature is the green roof covering the Administration building, the largest of its kind in the Lehigh Valley.  The roof plantings are built over a full roof membrane with a leak detection system.  The green roof offers exceptional insulation and durability.

With its large sloping roof line and its many green features, the building has quickly become a landmark in the area.