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Menu of Services

Bracy Contracting has been well known and respected for our flexible approach to construction for many years. In a time when it seems every firm is a specialist, and more interested in telling the client what they need, Bracy takes a different tact. By listening to our clients and offering a menu of services, we can provide the best project delivery system based on your needs. Because at Bracy, we have never lost sight of whose interest we are here to serve. Perhaps that is why over 70% of our business is for repeat clients, a clear testament to our ability to satisfy our customers, and clear proof that Bracy's full service, flexible approach to construction really works.


Construction Management

For projects requiring the Construction Management approach, Bracy Contracting can provide Construction management services where the Construction Manager is the Constructor and also where the Construction Manager is not the Constructor. Every project has different financing and schedule requirements. Our management services are designed to meet the specific needs of the Owner and their project.


Design Phase services include: planning and scheduling, cost estimating, budgeting, value engineering, constructability analysis, and purchasing programs.


Construction Phase services include full time project management by our team of experienced professionals including a full time field staff, project cost control, schedule control, change order management, quality control, and an ongoing safety program. Acting as your construction manager, we would manage the team effort to get your project designed and built in the most timely, safe and cost effective manner.


Post Construction phase services include project close out documentation, which include as built drawings, maintenance manuals, and warranties. Complete project cost accounting will be provided during this phase of the project.


Design/Build Contracts

Bracy can offer complete Design / Build services from land development design to construction design documents, and then full construction. In other words, Bracy’s “Turnkey” approach will allow our clients a seamless means to complete their projects. Bracy has successfully teamed up with top design professionals from not only the Lehigh Valley, but also Boston and Philadelphia.


General Contracting

Bracy Contracting regularly provides firm pricing based on your complete design documents on a negotiated, not to exceed, or lump sum bid basis. We have developed a well respected reputation for delivering projects of exceptional value to our clients, without sacrificing quality, schedule or safety.


In addition, our daily participation in the construction bidding market provides us accurate and up to date product and labor pricing. This knowledge forms an extensive data base from which to generate cost estimating and budgeting information for our construction management projects. Firms that are strictly construction managers do not share the same current cost knowledge because they are not actively bidding "at risk" work.


Trade Construction

Bracy's construction employees offer a wide range of self-performing work, which include:

  • Select Demolition
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Rough Carpentry
  • Fabrication and installation of Millwork
  • Installation of Doors & Hardware, Windows, & Building  Accessories.


Why Select Bracy?

Bracy Contracting recognizes that your construction project is unique.  We will present to you the combination of services we believe best meets your needs.  With our flexible approach to construction, we will present the solution that best fits your requirements, in an open, frank and professional manner.  Because Bracy Contracting is committed to complete customer satisfaction and repeat business, this is our pledge to you.